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Silent Waves

Quantum technologies
for advanced readout

Promising research fields such as quantum computing, radio astronomy and electron spin resonance depend on the accurate detection of ultra-low power microwave signals. Advanced microwave signal readout, involving sophisticated readout hardware and expertise, is required in order to achieve the necessary accuracy.
Silent Waves readout experience

Silent Waves aims to provide the best readout experience

Silent Waves has spun out from the Néel Institute - a CNRS laboratory in Grenoble - where it is currently hosted. The company was co-founded by Luca Planat, Nicolas Roch and Baptiste Planat with the firm intention to provide the best readout solution to its customers.

It has deep connections with the academic world and benefits from the outstanding Grenoble’s technological and scientific environment.

Silent Waves’ mission is twofold: developing cutting-edge technologies for advanced readout and providing in-depth support to its customers.

Silent Waves' first product: the Argo

Discover our first product: the Argo

The Argo is a traveling-wave parametric amplifier based on Josephson junctions allowing near quantum-limited amplification. Based on a patented process, the Argo has all the features expected for very low power signal amplification:

  • ultra-low noise
  • wideband
  • flux-noise immunity
  • high-saturation power

The amplifier is characterized at very low temperature before shipment. It comes with an extended user manual and a summary of its measured performances.


CNRS - Centre national de la recherche scientifique
Institut Néel - Laboratoire de physique de la matière

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