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Reversed-Kerr TWPA

The Carthago

The Carthago - Silent Waves reversed-Kerr TWPA

The Carthago is our latest generation of traveling wave parametric amplifier. Based on Kerr-reversal effet, it exhibits continuous high gain over a very high bandwidth, with very low noise and high saturation power. Its tunability makes it an ideal solution for setups that require flexibility. The band of high amplification can thus be centered over a wide range. The superconducting magnetic coil needed to ensure optimal performances of the device is included with the device and directly embedded with in the sample holder.

Typical gain

>18 dB


4 GHz

Saturation power

-105 dBm

(at 20 dB)

Near quantum limited

<1K noise
at maximum gain
To reach high gain over a bandwidth exceeding 2 GHz, it is essential to establish phase-matching among the pump, signal, and idler. To meet this requirement, we reverse the nonlinearity of the Josephson junctions by employing flux-biased asymmetric SQUIDs.
Silent Waves TWPA

The product

  • Low pump power
  • Very wide bandwidth
  • DC magnetic flux required
  • SMA connectors
  • 50 Ω matched
  • In-situ tunability
The amplifier is powered by a microwave source and requires DC biasing of a superconducting coil.


  • Gain from 3 to 10 GHz


  • Full characterization performed at 20 mK.
  • Report of the characterization sent before shipment of the product.

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