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Silent Waves - ultra-low noise superconducting amplifiers

Ultra-low noise superconducting amplifiers

At Silent Waves, we specialize in developing and manufacturing ultra-low noise superconducting amplifiers based on Josephson junctions and traveling-wave architectures. Our traveling-wave parametric amplifiers are the result of years of extensive research and offer numerous benefits. They have high gain and high bandwidth, are near the quantum limit of noise while having high saturation power. They are for instance ideal for multiplexed solid-state qubit readout.

Silent Waves - cryogenic microwave components in an experimental setup

Owning the whole production line

Our patented manufacturing process has been developed to be robust and reproducible. Our high yield allows us to offer short lead times between the order and shipment of the product. After assembling them, we perform a thorough characterization of the product in order to provide a complete data sheet of the product to the customer. Integrating cryogenic microwave components in an experimental setup can be challenging, we thus offer extensive support to help in the installation and setting of the product. We are also offering a 1-year warranty with the product covering any malfunction during this time period.

Silent Waves - high fidelity and scalability for quantum computing

High fidelity and scalability for quantum computing

Besides providing state-of-the-art near quantum-limited amplifiers for high fidelity single-shot solid state qubit readout, we are also deeply involved in developing scalable readout solution for quantum computing. One of our mission is to drastically lower the footprint of microwave readout components at cryogenic temperature in order to fit a large number of readout lines in superconducting quantum computers where available space is steadily becoming scarcer and scarcer.

The Argo

Our first traveling-wave parametric amplifier. Easy to install and immune to flux-noise, the Argo provides high gain, high bandwidth and an excellent signal-to-noise improvement.

Silent Waves - The Argo

Figures of merit

  • Gain

    >15 dB

  • Bandwidth

    2 GHz

  • Saturation power
    -100 dBm (at 20 dB)
  • Noise

    <1K at maximum gain

  • Flux-noise immunity

The Carthago

Our latest traveling wave parametric amplifier based on Kerr-reversal effect. Highly tunable, the Carthago provides high gain, very high bandwidth.

Silent Waves - The Carthago

Figures of merit

  • Gain

    >18 dB 

  • Bandwidth

    4 GHz

  • Saturation power

    -105 dBm (at 20 dB)

  • Noise

    <1K at maximum gain

  • In-situ tunability

    pump from 4 GHz to 8 GHz


Available summer 2024

The Dreadnought

The ultimate plug & play solution for high-fidelity, single shot qubit readout. Combining all the cryogenic electronics needed before the TWPA, the Dreadnought is Silent Waves’ latest product.

Silent Waves - The Dreadnought
  • Available with our two TWPA models (Argo & Carthago)
  • Easy to stack
  • Magnetically shielded TWPA

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