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The company

Silent Waves - quantum computing

Providing the most advanced readout experience

Silent Waves is a spin-off from the Institut Néel, one of the largest CNRS research laboratories with recognized expertise in quantum electronics, superconductivity, and fabrication of quantum devices. Based in Grenoble, the company is embedded within a world-class innovation ecosystem that combines outstanding science and technology with a dynamic startup scene. Silent Waves was co-funded by Luca Planat, Nicolas Roch and Baptiste Planat to advance the development of cutting-edge technologies in order to provide the most advanced readout solution for its customers, together with comprehensive expert support. 

Silent Waves - deeptech and fundamental research in quantum computing

Supporting deeptech and fundamental research

Promising research fields such as quantum computing, radio astronomy and electron spin resonance depend on the accurate detection of ultra-low power microwave signals. Advanced microwave signal readout, involving sophisticated readout hardware and expertise, is required in order to achieve the necessary accuracy. With our products and our in-depth customer support, we enable companies and research teams to focus on their core work.

The team

Silent Waves - Luca Planat

Luca Planat

Silent Waves - Nicolas Roch

Nicolas Roch

& scientific advisor
Silent Waves - Baptiste Planat

Baptiste Planat

& strategic advisor
Silent Waves - Alexis Coissard

Alexis Coissard

Head of Manufacturing
Silent Waves - Romain Albert

Romain Albert

Head of Research
Silent Waves - Guilliam Butseraen

Guilliam Butseraen

Head of product
Silent Waves - Victor El Homsy

Victor El Homsy

Quantum engineer
Silent Waves - Shivansh Bansal

Shivansh Bansal

Nanofabrication intern
Silent Waves - Sofiane Isshak Niati

Sofiane Isshak Niati

Nanofabrication technician
Silent Waves - Bekim Fazliji

Bekim Fazliji

CIFRE PhD student

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